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Card Processing Services For SME's

Credit Card

Payment Processing for UK Businesses

Whether you are a local convenience store or a national chain with multiple outlets, Sentient Merchant Services can tailor competitive card processing solutions for your Company.

We work alongside a leading global provider that are consistently rated in the top 5 global payment processing Companies.

Competitive Pricing

It can be easy for business owners to concentrate on increasing sales but controlling costs are also essential to maintain good profit margins.

Sentient Merchant Services has access to some of the cheapest rates on the market for card processing services. All we need to assess your case is a copy of a recent merchant statement. On average the savings we provide are 30% on the vast majority of retailers current tariffs.

Flexible Payment Planning

Various Terminal Options

Sentient Merchant Services can cater for any businesses requirements for card terminals.

Taxi firms and mobile traders can use our mobile terminals which work off 3G/4G signal, restaurants and cafes with table service tend to prefer machines powered by Bluetooth/Wifi and for payments only taken in one place on the premises a desktop version is available.


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